Friday, 29 April 2011

{blp} My Royal Wedding...

Stephanie Allin

In honour of today being the day that the Royal Wedding falls upon, I decided that I would do a blog post dedicated to my own royal wedding. Read....My own wedding.

What do I want, what would I want, if money was no object. I've not picked a venue in this etc, but it's just things that I've said I've wanted throughout the years were I to get married.
I'm sure Kate is wracked with nerves this morning, or alternatively, is thinking she has so many people running  around she just wished she had some piece and quiet and to take things at her own pace. Alas, this isnt to be.

I'm not a Royalist, and when Kate walks down the Aisle, I will not be watching it upon TV, i shall be sat, making final preperations to set off to Pauline & Gary's Wedding that I start at 1pm.

I do however love a good wedding, that I can partake and comment on. I'm a bit of a bad guest, I get bored easily, and being in the business you always have opinions!
There's no pressure on me to get married from any avenue - and most people think that being an unmarried woman in the Wedding Industry I'd want to rush around and plan my own. But its not the case. There's far too much choice out there for me to make a decision! And my Boyfriend at times cannot make decisions to save his life.

Getting married is something you should want to do, not feel you have to do. And I've not planned my wedding since I was little. I was always going to be a Mummy (which I'm still not) but I wasnt going to have a husband, because boys smelled. They still do. However, I would like my own wedding one day. And whether or not it resembles any of the idea's im going to pop in here, I shall not know (I'll write a blog post whenever I get engaged in no matter how many years time it is) and then when I get married!

My Dress I've said would be a short one. I want a 50's style, but not quite decided on alterneck, or strapless. May even go completely and go for a strappy dress. I dont particularly like my arms (it's one of my only bug-bears) so there are times that I may go for something completely different. However, I cannot see me getting married in Summer (I burn far too easily) and I'd want to enjoy my day, so a feather-style shrug, or something similar would be perfect.

These are some of my current Favourites...

Dress by Trudy Lee

Charlotte Balbier Dress

Next were the shoes...short dress means statement piece shoes as everyone is going to see them: I have seen, fallen in love with, and contemplating purchasing these shoes from Rachel Simpson Shoes...I want them. That is all.

Aren't they beautiful!

Now I joked, many moons ago that I wanted the colours, teal and orange - mainly because I am a Sheffield Steelers, Ice Hockey Fan - and you know, its always nice to have a bit of a theme, and a reason why. Gerbera's are some of my favourite flowers - and they are relatively easy to get all year round - they would be my flower of choice. I have seen some other beautiful flowers - but Gebera's always win it for me. (Calla Lillies are my next favourite flower!)

So...where would the teal come in? A petticoat Skirt for underneath my dress...however it seems I would probably have to have one specifically made, as it seems to be hard to FIND teal - but this black one would work with the shoes - but no...teal please :)

As with many weddings people give input. I'm sure Kate and Wills day is different to how they imagined it would be - and how they dreamed it would be - I just hope that the photographer takes some images of the couple, that show the intimate tender moments - that we dont get to see - something that it keeps for them and a reason they got married, because they are in Love and want to be together.

Everyone should remember thats the bottom reason for getting married.

Enjoy whatever celebrations, and enjoy the Wedding, and hopefully I'll catch up on twitter regarding what is happening throughout the day!

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